Our products range from simple resin, metal and quartz crystal Orgonite ™ creations called Tower Busters, to the handsome HHG Pyramids that powerfully transform the energy in your living space. Orgonite ™ was invented by Karl Welz. Don Croft made a life’s work of designing and testing Orgonite ™ Almost all of the products offered here are Don’s inventions, or inspired by him. Orgonite ™ converts Deadly Orgone Radiation (OR) into Positive Orgone Radiation (POR). DOR is attracted to EMF, so wherever there’s EMF there is DOR. Orgonite is the answer to the unhealthy radiation that invades our space. Orgonite’s ™ major benefit is improved health and well-being! People report that Orgonite ™ in their car improves gas mileage and having Orgonite ™ in the home lowers gas and electric bills! CTBusters also offers radionic broadcasting devices in the Succor Punch and Powerwand. With their aid you can send your intentions out into the universe in a powerful way. They are basically amplifiers for your prayers. They have been nicknamed, “training wheels for psychics”. CTBusters offer the Croft style of Zappers are offered, The Basic Zapper using 15 Hertz.
And of course, we offer the Don Croft Cloudbuster. This device is amazing. A customer claimed that they were driving home from work and they noticed a big blue hole in the white-out over their house. When they got home they found their new Cloudbuster on the porch, already on-station! It was working though still in the shipping carton with no long pipes. The Croft Cloudbuster will benefit your entire neighborhood, proving a shield of Positive Orgone energy. Check out the various customer reviews associated with the products as you browse the catalog.