Contact CTBusters

Contact CTBusters

Wondering how to order something from CTBusters? Need some more information about a specific piece of orgone? Got a question about a custom made cloudbuster?

Maybe you’re more comfortable emailing us. If that’s the case, simply fill in the form below. You can rest assured that it will not disappear into cyberspace; we pride themselves on being super responsive.

ATTENTION: Because we spend the majority of our working hours in the shop mixing and pouring resin the best way to contact me is by email. That way, when I check email you will get my full attention at that time.

Yes, we’re an online retailer, but you’re ultimately doing business with real people. Keeping in touch makes things nicer for all of us.

Got a Question or Complaint about Shipping Costs?

We get many inquiries about our shipping prices every day. We are so sorry, but the costs of shipping have only been going up in the last couple of years. We try to absorb the losses when rates go up – until we can’t absorb the cost of those losses any more. Please understand we have no control over what you pay for shipping. This cost is strictly dictated by our two carriers, UPS and USPS. If you have a complaint about shipping costs – please take it up with them.

UPS Contact Page

USPS Contact Page

Thank you for your understanding.