CTBusters Celebrates Twenty Years of Service this month!

To celebrate, sale prices are in order for my loyal customers.

The already discounted Package Deals get an addtional 10%-off, everything else (except zappers because wholesalers) gets an additional 10%-off!

The CTBUSTERS domain name was first registered on Jan 21, 2002!

Here is the original site, via The Wayback Machine:


Do you know how many small businesses stay in business for twenty years? Depending on where you look, about 7 to 10 percent make it to their twentieth anniversary, so I have been very fortunate.

Of course I owe everything to Don and Carol Croft, the inventors of most the items at CTBusters. Their contributions to our lives are immeasurable. It has been my distinct honor to present their gifts to you. I am surrounded with Orgonite and I wear my zapper all the time, their influence on me is pretty much my saving grace, I believe.

It’s hard for me to accept that twenty years has gone by. My 20-year self-employment has exceeded the length of time at my career job prior to CTBusters, 19 years. That’s a big milestone!

CTBusters has been hit hard the last two years. I haven’t complained about it, but I could use a good response to this sale, so thanks in advance!

Celebrating Twenty Years with CTBusters!

Andy Schwarm

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