To make your shopping easier and to save you a few bucks we created the Orgone Packages. These are groups of products that we have assembled, comprised of popular product combinations that were originally just typical customer orders. They go from the simple and inexpensive Tanna’s Trio and Basic Orgone Kit to a broader array of products, including the Cloudbuster, found in the Ultimate Orgone Kit. And in the middle of your options is the Deluxe Orgone Kit which features a Succor Punch along with several awesome CTBusters orgone products.
These Orgonite ™ based products convert Deadly Orgone Radiation (DOR) into Positive Orgone Radiation (POR). The negative stuff makes us sick, the positive version is the Life Force, Chi, Prana. DOR is attracted to EMF, so wherever there’s EMF, DOR will also be found. Orgonite reverses these energy fields making them healthy rather than harmful. Gift Cell towers and other DOR sources with Orgonite ™ to enrich the local energy fields. The major benefit of Orgonite ™ is improved health and well-being! People report that Orgonite ™ in their car improves gas mileage and having Orgonite ™ in the home lowers gas and electric bills!
Instead of wading through my fascinating catalog, you can just pick a product group and with a few clicks and you’re done. We ship these products everywhere, globally. Our new check-out cart is up to date and secure, offering multiple shipping options. Products are expertly hand-packed in violet wrapping paper. Fast order turnaround, always.