Terminator Zapper

Terminator Zapper


CTBusters is now offering the original, world famous, Terminator Zapper, handmade by Carol Croft.


Terminator Zapper

CTBusters is now offering the Terminator Zapper, handmade by Carol Croft.

This is the same Zapper Carol Croft sells at www.worldwithoutparasites.com. It contains all the upgrades that makes the Terminator so unique.

I’m often asked what’s the difference between the Basic Zapper and the Terminator. Don said the difference is the Terminator continues to heal your body after the parasite die-off is concluded.

Add one or a few to your order, today. The Terminator is only $143, plus shipping.

You should get our 9 volt Li Ion batteries and charger too!

Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 2 × 1 in
Buying Options

Zapper Only $143.00, Add Polishing Cloth $143.00+5.95, Add Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries $143.00+25.00, Add Polishing Cloth and Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries $143.00+5.95+25.00

9 reviews for Terminator Zapper

  1. 5 out of 5

    Nic (verified owner)

    This inexpensive Don Croft zapper works better than a much more expensive Hulda Clark zapper I have. Get one for yourself, your family members and friends!

  2. 5 out of 5

    PammyB (verified owner)


    Thank you Don and Carol Croft Your product is amazing!! It has kept me free from colds and flu since I purchased from you aprox 5yrs ago!!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Melissa (verified owner)

    Healing in ways I didn’t know existed.

    I ordered a zapper a few years ago, recommended by a friend. And many things since then have been healing on many levels. I had been diagnosed with lots of illnesses like fibromyalgia and cystic fibroid something or other…
    Many symptoms that really slowed me down. Including i’l ng massive debilitating endometriosis pain and imbalances that caused me to crave sugars or different things.
    Now, I find that these symptoms decreased substantially and I no longer have some of these illnesses. This helps me also enjoy my time without the intense pains so I’m more happy and myself again. More clear. No more illness. At all. Its amazing to use the zappers.
    I buy them for friends and family along the way and keep some in my office so I can tell clients about them if they’re interested in zapping in their healing journey.
    Everybody should know about these.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Jake Nice (verified owner)

    This is one of the best zapper products and I’ve tried maybe 12 others that are cheaper and they are all good and work at killing germs and parasites and gunky stuff and mold, this came in mail little over a week and I’ve had it for 24 hours now and I am noticing a big difference already. I know the government is using time stopping to break the other zapper I have and this one I think because they are ancient old beyond imagination insects or mice and will die from these devices so not many people have them bcs they keep them a secret and the government watches every device to make sure they are not working properly, if they worked perfectly the government would be gone in under five seconds and I wish more people had these devices so the government people that are experimenting violently on genetics to find a fusion around the zapper problem of theirs would stay away from this planet and this galaxy, I think of five or ten more people had a parasite zapper this solution/situation would be possible and we would start to experience life more positive than anyone could ever imagine and happier also. These parasites and micro animals made by the government are made to make sure negetivity is at the forefront of people’s minds without them even realizing, if you get one you will learn things you could never learn at school or anywhere and you will have clear thoughts you have never experienced. These devices and this one is especially good are the tool necessary for the universe to live peacefully without violence, these are the key into the universe without sickness and body suffering and also if enough people get one then I would put violence on the list of sicknesses that would be cured. This is our key to the gateway for the peaceful and magical universe of clear headed thoughts and fun and I’m trying to put it in the front of everyone’s thoughts and minds because of this is the greatest thing (besides making plants stronger to be like all drugs and this takes five or ten minutes for a leaf or a plant or twig if you are looking or touching or pressing) for the universe in desperation, sickness and violence and these devices are the cure and this terminator device is also the best one I’ve tried besides the “bob beck basic zapper electrifier” 120$ with colloidal silver generator with a tuning knob. Or the Hulda Clark 30khz zapper.44-65$ I think these should be free and the a group of people should hand out a device to everyone so that everyone can have one as a Nessiecity to the planets and galaxys health and the universes health and personal health and a tool to help get rid of the toxic government officials that have made all religions and music and are traveling throughout the entire universe for their goal of find a solution in exirimentation with genetic fusion and different styles of experimentation outlooks, like example if we hurt someone does their genetics get stronger so we can use them to fuse with us and be better than other genetics we haven’t tortured or hurt and stupid things like this are destroying the universe as well they have implemented a war on drugs so that plants are always weak because of plants get strong enough then they start to kill ants and mice and things that don’t belong here so the governments war on drugs is very violent on plants and animals and humans(they take our blood every second and don’t let us eat the plants we put in our mouths they replace it with surgery and new more desirable food) they are doing everything they can think of from vibration to time travel to shredding and breaking trees into chips and trying to replace the wood even replacing your bones and brains and every lsd trip they watch with dmt and other Interdimensional graphics chips to monitor and maintain visuals. These devices are the cure to all these problems I have just written of so I think these devices are very important for everyone to have and to try out at least once. There is a nice learning curve and there is a lot to learn of how to use them that is impossible for you to think of right now because you haven’t been exposed to certain things yet like capturing plants chemicals in the electrical discharge to carry around in the zapper or with using special electrical functions of the mind. I can imagine there is mainly infinite possibilities and if the government would let them work correctly we could spend good amounts of time thinking about these at least until a while after all toxins and micro animals are expelled from the universe, they (the government) already are in everyone’s house every second may as well get one of these to try and keep them out. And I’m hoping at least 20 people can order on of these or everyone to get handed on in their pockets or bags or night stands. This would be our solution I think besides making plants strong enough to kick everything out of this huge dimension of the universe and all dimensions hopefully. These devices should be spread all around this static field and no one should enter until the static is gone for 3 earth days or longer, if they were placed around this dimension of the universe which is impossible from outside this area but possible from inside maybe, the universe would be saved for the rest of eternity I believe, and also if they were placed around the static of this area then the static and evil people would die fast but it is too dangerous to get close, it’s possible to make long range fields also that would be good to surround the static with so you don’t get close ever. This would clean and clear every bit of that stuff up fast and with not getting close so everyone can stay safe, these things making the static are so violent I wouldn’t want anyone to come here because they split the second over a trillion times for time stopping to meet their goals with genetic mutilation and experimentation. They are only trying to evade these zappers with new genetics. so I don’t want anyone to come here to help bcs you would be captured and degraded with violent means and missing body accessories it is safest to help by placing the devices towards to static and not ever close to that area of fuzziness or whatever it looks like, if someone did a road trip with zappers placing them everywhere (and never close enough to feel the static tingle shock from the radar devices) then we could find a cure quickly as well and the violent static vibration fields would disappear rapidly without dealing with the people making these static shock fog emotional vibration magnetic light capturing devices that can watch Interdimensional people from their static output showing up within the radar fields. Zappers are our only cure not getting close to the static, these things will hurt you and keep you in a real cage in a hospital building under a watchful eye. Or a small planetary system inside of a small rock by use of a “molecular shrinking laser field”, this device killed almost all my parasites in under 24 hours , these should save this universe from violence and gross energy very fast.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Tipton Garland (verified owner)

    Good product, good service. I am a return buyer.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Diana (verified owner)

    I love the zapper, wear 24/7. I received order the day after I placed the order. Thank you so much.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Diana K. (verified owner)

    Amazing. I love this product and I received the day after I ordered.

  8. 5 out of 5

    JD P. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using my zapper around the clock since I received it – promptly – through the mail 4 days ago. I am already feeling so much better! I have energy again! Looking forward to increasing and steady improvement in my health. – I also have a succor punch which I LOVE. I carry it with me or place by my bed at night 24/7. THANK YOU CT Busters for providing such wonderful products! Highly recommend CT Buster products for multi-dimensional healing and protection!

  9. 5 out of 5

    Anonymous (verified owner)

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